10 Clever Uses of Extra Plastic Bags at Home

Reuse your plastic bags at home and give them another life. Not only will you be kinder to the environment, you will also save yourself money and hassle by being clever every day. Just check these 10 tips below!

  1. Donate to thrift stores and flea markets

Your trash is definitely treasure for merchants in thrift stores and flea markets. They can simply reuse your plastic bags instead of buying their own.

  1. DIY shoe form

Keep your shoes in top shape by crumpling some plastic bags and placing them inside your shoes when you are not wearing them or storing them longer inside your closet

  1. Travel laundry bag

Slip a few plastic bags inside your luggage or beach bag to store your dirty clothes or wet swimsuits. It is an instant way to keep everything else clean and organized.

  1. Make a funnel

How is it that you can never find a funnel when you need it? That is okay though, just use a small plastic bag in its place. Fill it with whatever needs to be funneled and snip off the end before transferring into the other container.

  1. Color cookie dough minus the mess

Place your prepared dough inside individual plastic bags and add food coloring. Squish them around until your desired color appears. This is the easiest way to do this without having red or yellow hands after!

  1. Feed the birds

Heading to the park? Grab a plastic bag and fill it with seeds to feed the hungry birds! You can just attach it to a tree and watch the birds come by.

  1. Kitchen gloves for children

Yes, cooking with kids is fun, but they can also be really messy! Protect your counter from unwanted prints by giving the children plastic bags as gloves.

  1. Keep valuables dry

Place your cell phone or other valuables inside a sealable plastic bag to avoid any accidents in the water! You can also blow air into it before sealing to make sure the bag floats.

  1. Car emergency

There is nothing sadder than cleaning your car after someone has thrown up. It could have been easily avoided if you had a plastic bag at the ready.

  1. Grease your pans perfectly

Place your hand inside a plastic bag and scoop up small amounts of butter or shorterning for greasing. Start rubbing your trays without the mess!