10 Tips to Make Restaurant-Style Meals at Home

How are your meals while on quarantine? Follow these tips for restaurant quality food at home and for half the price!

  1. Buy quality ingredients.

If you buy high quality ingredients, the most basic dishes can turn into menu-worthy meals. Invest in high quality, organic produce, oils, and seasonings to get the best flavor out of your food every single time.

  1. Make sure your pan is hot enough.

End the constant battle between you and half of the food stuck to the pan. Just let your pan get hot enough before tossing in any of your ingredients. The five minutes you spent waiting will make a big difference.

  1. Use pasta water to make decadent sauces.

Say goodbye to dry pasta! The simple trick is to save some of the pasta water and use a ladleful to finish your meal. This starchy liquid will bridge the gap between pasta and sauce, making it silky and more luxurious.

  1. Taste as you cook.

Sample the ingredients and taste the food as it simmers in the pan. This will help you season with intent and make the most delicious food possible.

  1. Use leftover wine.

Do not throw the bottle with that tiny bit of wine left at the bottom! Cooking with wine is one way to amp up just about any dinner dish, particularly cheap cuts of steak!

  1. Go ahead, salt it!

Restaurant meals are well-seasoned. In contrast, most homecooks are afraid of salt. It is important to add enough, otherwise you will serve your family a really bland and sad meal.

  1. Make your own stock.

Leftover bones and vegetable scraps make the most delicious stocks. These will transform your casseroles and soups into the most comforting thing in the world!

  1. Leave the food in the pan.

It may be tempting to stir or flip your food while it sautés in the pan but try to resist it! Let the ingredients heat up and have contact with the pan as it simmers. You will see the difference on the final product.

  1. Use aluminum foil under roasts.

The secret to a nice brown crisp at the bottom of any roast is no more than aluminum foil. Add a thick ring of foil above your roasting tray and place your chicken, turkey, or beef on top. It protects your meat from sitting in oil, guaranteeing top caramelization.

  1. Substitute honey for sugar.

Yes, it works just fine! It also saves you that extra trip to the grocery store in case you run out.