5 Simple Tips to Decorate Your First Apartment on a Budget

Moving to your first apartment is sure an exciting occasion. Furnishing it, however, can be more stressful since buying furniture for your space can cost a lot of money. Below are some tips to save on furniture and get everything you need to make your first apartment the home you always hoped it would be.

  1. Focus on the basics.

List all the furniture you need and order them based on priority. A bed or kitchen table may be high on the list so get those and leave the others for now. Keep it simple and stick to what you can afford to pay for in cash. Basic is okay for now.

  1. Ask family and friends for old furniture.

You have no idea how much stuff your family and friends need to move out of their homes. In fact, they are likely to be very happy to pass some to you. Just make sure to clean them before bringing the furniture inside your apartment. Inspect them for bugs, too. Feel free to DIY a couch or shelf if it is not your style. A little touch-up is sure to improve it.

  1. Buy used furniture.

Scout garage sales, classifieds, Craiglist, or thrift stores for good furniture at low prices. Buying furniture used is a good way to save money when you are decorating. 4. Shop sales!

Time your purchase on big sale days. You can expect big discounts on furniture on holidays like Memorial Day, the 4th of July, or Labor Day. Waiting for these sales can save you a lot of money. Visiting discount warehouses or clubs will also earn you good deals.

  1. Take it slow.

As mentioned previously, grab your must-haves and accumulate the other furniture slowly. Be patient and buy one or a coupl every month as your budget allows. Of course, you want to be smart about which pieces to get on the cheap and which ones to invest in. High quality pieces are built to last and will save you more money in the long run.