5 Things You Must Stop Buying at the Drugstore

Drugstore deals may seem convenient but this does not apply to every product on the shelves. While some will help you save more, others actually cost a lot more. In fact, you will save more money if you buy these five items below elsewhere than your local drugstore.

  1. Milk

Restocking milk while picking up your prescription at the drugstore seems convenient but you may want to change your mind. In 2009, CVS was found guilty of selling expired milk, baby formula, and past-due eggs. While the company has since ensured freshness of its dairy products, you are far likely to find better prices at the nearest grocery store.

  1. Toilet paper

How much toilet paper do you go through in a week in your house? You will save more money if you buy it in bulk. Most drugstore branded toilet paper is more expensive than other brands available in bulk sizes anyway.

  1. Cosmetics

Go to warehouse stores and pick up your favorite makeup. Comparison tests showed that big-box stores offer cheaper products compared to a drugstore. The only exception is if you are a member of your preferred drugstore’s reward program. It may be worth is in the long run because you can earn cash back for buying makeup.

  1. Frozen foods

No party will be complete without ice cream but it is not smart to get it from the drug store. The mark-ups are higher. Go to warehouse stores instead. The prices are cheaper and it is always best to have more ice cream ready anyway!

  1. Diapers

A baby is expensive! You must save at every opportunity, and one of the most important is on diapers. Obviously, the drugstore is not the place to buy them. In fact, one study found that Walgreens charged more than Costco, Target, Amazon, and Diapers.com in all categories. The next time you run out of diapers, you know where to go, or at least where not to go.