5 Tips to Save on Cell Phone Data and Lower Your Monthly Bill

Are you tired of paying overage charges for your cell phone data? You can easily lower your cell phone bill by managing your data usage following these simple tips and tricks.

  1. Disable apps that use lots of data.

Certain apps utilize more data than others, whether you use them frequently or not. Check your settings and switch data off for the ones that you do not use often or consider deleting apps that pile on data charges.

  1. Turn background refresh off.

When this is enabled, your apps will continuously refresh and eat your data to show you the most recent content when opened. Some stuff are important to see first, but do you really need all your feeds, email, and weather widgest to be refreshed by the minute? It is best to pick and choose which ones you want to turn on and off to lower your bill and extend your battery life, too.

  1. Turn off Wi-Fi assist.

Weak Wi-Fi signal triggers the Wi-Fi assist, automatically using your cellular data. You can disable this on an iPhone by going to Settings > Cellular > turn off Wi-Fi Assist.

  1. Turn off app updates.

This is a killer for your data. Left on, this will update your apps and start to download whether you are connected to Wi-Fi or not. No wonder your cell phone bill is through the roof! To turn this function off for iPhone, go to Settings > iTunes & App Stores > turn off Use Cellular Data. For an Android, go to Settings > under General click Auto-update apps > Auto-update apps over Wi-Fi only. Your apps will only update when you are connected to Wi-Fi. Whew!

  1. Download music

Streaming music, podcasts, or videos can really eat away at your data. An easy solution is to restrict these apps to Wi-Fi only. You can download your media when you are connected to Wi-Fi and listsen to them data-free when you are on the go. You get the same entertainment while ensuring you are saving on your cell phone data.