6 Amazon Hacks to Save on Online Shopping

Already, there is no shortage of deals on Amazon. But money is tight these pandemic days and everyone can sure use a little more savings, especially with online shopping. Here are six hacks to squeeze more discounts from Amazon and get more for less.

  1. Buy used from Amazon itself.

Check out the Amazon Warehouse for returned, refurbished, used, and warehouse-damaged products sold by the company itself. The label is sure more credible than the random seller on Amazon’s website.

  1. Find extra savings by getting overstocked items.

Did you know that you can buy overstocked items for less at Amazon Outlet? Thi section sells stuff for as much as 75% off! Stocks are limited so buy what you need when you see it.

  1. Get free shipping every time!

Amazon offers free shipping for a minimum of $25. But what you do when your total is only $23 and are not too keen on spending more? Jsut type “add-on items” on the search bar and pick among products that you will actually use, including toothpaste, soap, snacks, and more. You will hit the minimum without buying anything you do not need.

  1. Set up a subscription for items you regularly buy.

Every household is run by basics bought every month. Take the work off your hands by clicking the Subscribe & Save option on Amazon. Your products will be sent to you automatically, ensuring you do not run out of basics like toilet paper, coffee, or mouthwash. In addition, you get  free standard shipping and a 5% to 15% discount on your cart every order.

  1. Score more savings for college kids.

Sign up with a valid college e-mail address and get 50% off Amazon Prime, along with extra deals exclusively for students. The free period for Prime Students is also six months instead of the usual 30-days.

  1. Buy cheaper baby items.

Parents know that babies are expensive. Fortunately, the bill is cheaper with access to Amazon Family. Here, you will find deals like 20% off diaper subscriptions, 15% off certain items on your baby registry, exclusive coupons, and more.