6 Ways You Shorten the Life of Your Laundry Equipment

The average washing machine and dryer is likely to last a decade. This is good news if you want to hold on to your money and keep using your laundry equipment. However, bad habits can shorten their life span and lead to early replacement purchases. Below are six bad practices that you must stop today.

  1. You installed your own washer and dryer.

Proper installation is critical for laundry machines. Depending on the built of your floor, this can be more or less complicated. Proper venting is also a concern. Sure you can DIY the installation but make sure you have a professional check on your work. Better yet, let the pros handle it.

  1. You overload your machines.

No washer or dryer can work correctly when it is overstuffed. It has to work harder, which increases wear and tear on the mechanisms. Some detergent residue could be left behind, too. This means more dirt on your clothes right off the laundry.

  1. You wash clothes 10 times a week.

To preserve the life of your washer and dryer, aim to run eight loads a week or less. Make sure it is full to keep your energy costs down, too.

  1. You add too much detergent.

Fact: the manufacturer’s directions on the laundry product packaging are bad for your washing machine. It is often too much. This leads to more suds that lead to overflow. If you have a high-efficiency washer, you need to use even less soap to give your clothes proper washing. Check the label if it is marked safe for high-efficiency washers, too.

  1. You put everything on your washing machine.

Some items must be handwashed, not just to preserve the clothing, but to extend the life of your washing machine, too. For example, the underwires and hooks of your lingerie can damage the drum of your washing machine while zippers can scratch your front-loading machine.

  1. You do not empty your pockets.

Paper money, coins, keys, tissues, and so on can clog your wash drain or ruin the inner workings of your dryer. Make it a habit to empty your pockets before adding them to the wash to keep your laundry machines running smoothly and efficiently for at least a decade.