7 Things You Should Buy at Aldi for the Best Savings

About 98% of Aldi’s products are under their own brand. This means the German company has more control over the quality and price. You will definitely love this grocery store if you have high standards and are after good value. Make sure you buy the 10 things below at Aldi to get more for less.

1. Organic produce
Take note health-conscious shoppers: Aldi is the best store to visit for your organic produce. They have doubled the size of their fresh produce offerings and their price and quality are very competitive.

2. Seafood and fresh meat
Check out the business model of the grocery store – its efficiency allows them to provide high-quality products at lower prices. It is particularly obvious in their fresh meat and seafodo section. You will not be disappointed.

3. Bread
It is a German brand, naturally it will have good bread. The bakery is small but it is selective. The quality of bread is just excellent. The only thing better than that is the price – one loaf of quality white bread is just 85 cents. That is cheaper than Walmart.

4. Chocolate.
What is more lovely than German chocolate? There is a good stock of highly rated chocolates, as well as other European confections. Always add chocolate to your list when you are shopping at Aldi.

5. Wines
Cheap wine does not have to be terrible. In fact, the selection from Aldi is usually rated 90 or above by Wine Spectator. Its Rosé, for example, is under $10 but it has won the International Wine Challenge’s Great Value Award!

6. Spices
Compare prices of spices here against other grocery stores – it is usually a third of the price. So why would you buy anywhere else? Stock your spice rack and make more delicous meals for your family every day.

7. Furniture
Yes, you should buy furniture at this grocery store. Non-food offerings at Aldi come with the same high quality as their food. Check out the seasonal stocks and get the most savings.