7 Times Buying Organic is Not Worth it

Eating organic is generally healthier but it is also more expensive. If you want to save money, be more discerning on what you buy organic. It makes sense to buy some food organic, while in it just useless in others. For the seven items below, skip the organic label because it clearly does not add anything to your food.

  1. Organic lollipops

Organic or not, lollipops are nothing but sugar. The organic label does not make them any good for you. Candy is candy.

  1. Organic cookies

Similar to lollipops, cookies, crackers, and fruit snacks are all junk food. They are still processed food that you are better avoiding. Organic does not mean they magically became healthier.

  1. Organic macaroni and cheese

Save your money and buy regular white pasta. It is so highly processed that there is no way any pesticides are left to adhere to it.

  1. Organic popcorn

Plain popcorn is already a healthy snack option. But when you are cooking it stovetop at home, you can save a little extra by skipping organic. Corn has an extremely low level of pesticide residue. Organic does not make a difference.

  1. Organic olive oil

When buying olive oil, focus on the sourcing and quality rather than the organic label. Pay attention to the bottle, too. To preseve quality, it must be in a dark or opaque bottle and the label must contain details on country of origin and harvest date.

  1. Organic bananas

The price of organic vs. regular bananas do not differ greatly. But do not waste those extra cents. Organic and regular bananas end up the same as the thick, inedible peel keeps any pesticides out.

  1. Organic fish

FYI: Thre is no official standard for organic seafood. The word is essentially meaningless. There is no way to control the environment of wild fish and no way of confirming what they ate or whether or not they were in contact with toxins and debris. When buying fish, you are better off focusing on quality and sourcing. Wild fish is always better and buy ones that are sustainably sourced.