Check Your Freezer and Toss These 7 Things Out Right Now

The freezer is your best friend when it comes to saving money on food. If you use it well, you can stretch not only your cash, but also your time. However, failure to do so will lead to waste. Check the back of your freezer right now and if you have the seven things below, make sure you toss them fast and without remorse.

  1. Thawed meat

On busy weeknights, frozen chicken meals are no less than a life saver. However, thawed chicken must be thrown out to avoid salmonella and other bacteria. The savings are not worth the hospital trip for sure, especially during this pandemic!

  1. Unrecognizable leftovers

It is smart to freeze leftovers but take note that they do not last forever. If food has been sitting there for a while and you cannot even remember what it was or how it came there, it is probably best to start over.

  1. Freezer-burned veggies

Frozen veggies are excellent penny pinchers. However, you must remember to use them within three months, or the moment you notice freezer burn.

  1. Forgotten freezer meals

Meal prep is another great way to save time and money. But as you know, it only works if you are able to consume the food you make. Some freezer meals last up to three months while others go faster. It is best to keep track of what you place inside your freezer so your effort will be maximized!

  1. Smelly ice cubes

Here is a good reason to invest in ice cube trays with covers: once ice cubes have taken the scent of what is near them, there is no way of getting rid of it. Time to toss this cubes and make a fresh tray for your refreshing drinks.

  1. Pastries with creamy filling

As a rule, pastries and other desserts with cheese or creamy feeling do not keep well in the freezer. If you make all the effort of making a heavenly pastry, remember to eat them or share them fast because the last thing you want is to throw them away!

  1. Old ice cream

Most households do not have plenty of leftover ice cream, but if you happen to have some, finish it within two months for the best taste. Anything older than three months should be tossed away.