5 Ways to Give Better Holiday Gifts This Year

In 2019, the cost of unwanted gifts worldwide amounted to over $15 dollars. How crazy is that? Make the holidays more meaningful this year by gifting your loved ones with thoughtful items that they could really use and appreciate, while saving your money and lowering your environmental impact. Just checkout the tips below to learn more.

1. Fix a problem for your friends.
See happiness in the face of your friends by removing some negatives in their lives. You can easily do this by picking one problem they have and solving it through your present. For example, you can hire a handyman to fix up little things around their house, buy them a massage, or give them home-delivered meals for a few weeks.

2. Make it easy for them.
Have you ever received a gift card and have no clue what to do with it? The experience is the same for other people. Decision-making in this sense becomes a chore so skip the gift card and just give money if you have to. Alternatively, if you are gifting experiences, make sure you schedule it, too, so they do not have to decide.

3. Choose practical presents.
Think about the receiver, and not yourself. What can help them? Sometimes practical gifts are the best gifts, even if they are not flashy. Instead of buying a bouquet of flowers, opt for plants. Choose a packable coat rather than a frilly fashion piece. Make a deposit for a top-of-the-line kitchen appliance that they need instead of paying for a mediocre one in full.

4. Ask for what they want.
Sure, surprises are nice, and you want the other person to think you are thoughtful, but sometimes, the easiest way to give the best gift is to ask them what they want. They will appreciate it, use it, and it will not end up in the dump!

5. Give gifts that keep on giving.
Really simple but valuable gifts that fall in this category include home meal delivery services, grocery box subscriptions, and entertainment subscriptions. These are useful for a long time and the joy you bring will last for months.

Ian Schindler