6 Easy Ways to Save on Gifts This Christmas

This holiday season, challenge yourself to not blow your bank account for a change. Below are six easy ways to save on buying presents for all your loved ones without sacrificing quality, thoughtfulness, and good will. Getting the small things right will definitely cut your costs a lot!

1. Write a Christmas budget.
Start by setting a total budget for your holiday gift-giving. Divide this number by your gift list and have a price limit – that you can stick with – for each person.

2. Give family gifts.
Instead of buying a separate gift for your brother, his wife, and your nieces and nephews, consider giving them something that they can share as a family, like a gift certificate at their favorite restaurant or a new grill if they need one.

3. Skip the extras.
If you are on a tight budget, cut your gift list and remove people that you are not really that close to, such as the teachers of the children or half your neighbors. Just send a thoughtful greeting card to show you remembered them.

4. Organize a gift exchange.
Gather your family and talk them into a gift exchange instead of buying individual presents for everyone. If there is 10 people in your family, you only need to buy for one and save on the 9 others. Just write all your names and throw them inside a hat and take turns drawing names. The person you pick is the one you will need to shop for.

5. Get secondhand gifts.
Some items can be gifted secondhand and it will not be an issue. For example, used books, collectibles, and anything vintage or antique will sure be appreciated.

6. Make your own gifts.
Homemade gifts can be a touching gesture. It sure takes more effort to make your own present than buy something from the store. Awesome DIY gift ideas include meal kits, brewing kits, homemade salsa, cookies and cakes, body scrubs, yoga mat sprays, and many more! Put them inside a cute gift basket and everyone is sure to love it.

Ian Schindler