7 Ways to Get the Best Black Friday Deals

7 Ways to Get the Best Black Friday Deals

Black Friday shopping is not for the faint of heart. It is a busy day, but the deals and specials are totally worth it. If you love bargain hunting, this day is no less than a sport so follow the tips below to make sure you maximize the benefits of hitting the stores and braving the crowd. There is a lot of savings to be had. Come up with a plan and have more fun shopping!

1. Plan ahead.

Your newspaper and favorite retailer websites will be stuffed with ads, coupons, and circulars as Black Friday approaches. Use these tools like a map to lead you to the most savings. You can also organize your day using these deals to make sure you do not miss out on time-specific discounts.

2. Check out apps.

Many Android and iOS apps can make shopping for the best deals on Black Friday even easier. The apps can tell you the best places to park or point you to the least-trafficked route to stores. You can also set up alerts when your favorite stores release coupons or launch special deals.

3. Do comparison shopping.

Check out comparison websites to get the most value for your money. Watch out for retailers who will advertise the lowest price but over a stripped-down product and then charge you extra for the necessary parts that will make it perform as expected.

4. Catch Early-bird shopping discounts.

It may take some effort, but doorbuster prices, midnight madness sales, and early-bird specials are truly unbeatable. Check out which malls and retailers are handing out gift certificates, too.

5. Prioritize your favorite stores.

Do your research in advance and shop first at the stores that have the biggest sales and lowest prices. Prioritize your favorite stores so you do not miss out on their best deals.

6. Beat the crowds with Night Owl discounts.

Many retailers will post Black Friday specials that can be ordered online and picked up at your local store. Start browsing online pre-dawn of Black Friday and catch the web only deals that are only available on Thanksgiving.

7. Ask for gift receipts.

Holiday shopping on Black Friday? Make sure you ask for a gift receipt. It includes the description of the item purchased but not what you paid for the item. This makes returns or exchanges easier for your gift recipient. The last thing you want is for your Black Friday efforts to go to waste if the recipient will be turned down for returning or exchanging without proof of purchase.

Ian Schindler