8 Products to Buy on Sale in January

Here is another reason to keep your bank account intact this holiday season: super sales are coming in January! Below are the best buys that you should definitely score.

1. Gym memberships
You can expect fantastic deals on gym memberships at the start of 2021 for two reasons: first, gyms have been severely affected by the pandemic, and second, everyone promises to lose weight at this time. Deals will be available throughout the month, but the biggest ones will come towards the end of the month.

2. TV
TV sets are often on sale on Black Friday but if you missed it, do not worry. You can pick one up in January because prices traditionally drop as the Super Bowl draws closer.

3. Calendars and planners
Do not buy in December – you can save more money if you pick one up in January. Once the New Year rolls in, calendars and planners are considered outdated, which means a big price reduction.

4. Bedding and towels
The more you spend time at home, the more you will realize the importance of cozy staples. Score upgrades for less in January by catching the white sales. Expect beddings, towels, rugs, and other home items to be on sale up to 75% off.

5. Holiday food
If you cannot get enough of turkey, wine, ham, and other seasonal Christmas flavors, stock up in January because these food items are likely to be discounted. Food gifts, baking products, and seasonal baskets traditionally go on sale during this month, too.

6. Furniture
Here is the deal: new furniture usually comes out in February. Naturally, stores will want to clear their old stocks in January. You can sure spruce up your place for half the price if you pick up furniture in January, especially if you buy dark colored pieces.

7. Toys
All the toys that were not bought during the holidays will be on sale in January. Expect up to 70% discount on toys and up to 90% discount on seasonal items.

8. Electronics
Of course, there is no beating Black Friday deals on this category, but you can still score affordable electronics in January. New models are on the way and retailers want to free up shelf space and sell last year’s stuff. Good for you!

Ian Schindler