How to Save Money for Last-Minute Christmas Shopping

How to Save Money for Last-Minute Christmas Shopping

It is a much-dreaded concept: last-minute Christmas shopping. Everything is rushed, expensive, and inconvenient. But do not panic. There is a way to get your gifts ready without going crazy. Check out the six tips below to have presents for everyone on your list, stay on budget, and spread the most Christmas cheer!

1. Shop deal websites.

There will always be last-minute deals to match your last-minute Christmas shopping. Check out what are the latest offers and search for price drops on specific items on your list. Do this first to get the best price on your gifts and avoid spending extra on something you just happened to see in the store.

2. Send gift cards.

Gift cards can be thoughtful presents if you make a point of getting some from the favorite store of the person you are gifting. They can pick their own presents, which is always nice, and you have spent less compared to a traditional gift.

3. Skip express shipping.

It may sound convenient, but if you are looking to save money, the express, two-day and next-day shipping can increase your purchase price by as much as $40! That is a lot of money that you can use to buy other presents. Even if it is last-minute shopping, have patience and go to the stores around you and check if they have the items you want in stock. Yes, it takes braving the Christmas crowd but a little effort is required to save money.

4. Give delicious food!

Who does not want to receive a cute box of Christmas cookies or a hot chocolate starter kit? Everyone enjoys receiving and eating holiday treats. If you can find the time, bake or cook Christmas food presents – it saves you money, but also has the added charm of a personal touch! For packaging, choose low-cost ribbons and gift bags. Add a cute note tag and spread the cheer this holiday season.

5. Shop after Christmas.

Do you have people on your list that you will not see until after Christmas? Save your time and money by shopping for them after the big day. You will have more space to breathe and more opportunity to choose the best gift. Moreover, many stores will be having after-Christmas sales. Take advantage of the reduced prices and buy wonderful presents for less.

6. Make a donation.

If you have people on your list that seem to have everything, do not give them something random, which will add no value. Find a cause they are genuinely passionate about and make a donation under their name. This is an incredibly thoughtful gift that they are sure to appreciate.

Ian Schindler