When to Buy Cheap Thanksgiving Flights

There is a lot of conflicting advice regarding booking budget-friendly flights for Thanksgiving. Ideally, you will not book too early or too late. Finding the happy medium in the middle will get you the best price.
And it pays to give yourself enough time to do it. Everyone seems to be traveling on Thanksgiving and rushing to get somewhere. It is more complicated this year, no thanks to the coronavirus outbreak, but traveling is still an option if you are able to practice safety precautions outside.

The best day to book flights
Thanksgiving falls on Thursday, November 26, 2020. If you have yet to book your domestic flight yet, do it now! It is best to buy tickets two months in advance. The closer the Thanksgiving date is, the higher the prices that you will pay. Within two or three weeks, the cost of tickets will start to rise.

It is like buying tickets for Christmas flights. You do not want to do it too early or too late. Do not buy the first offer you see. These prices will likely drop within two to three months of the holiday so wait a little but not too much. Last-minute deals very rarely become available for Christmas.

How to travel during the pandemic
It is more stressful to travel for Thanksgiving this year because of the pandemic. But there is a silver lining if you are flying domestic: holiday fares are slightly lower and the best deals are available for longer compared to previous years. The same goes for flights for Christmastime.

Now that November has rolled in, expect prices to start climbing. Remember to keep a close eye on your itinerary, too. There is a lot of uncertainty these days so if you book a trip, expect it to change multiple times before takeoff.
Note on international traveling

It seems like international travel will remain uncertain until the end of the year. If you are still keen on going, make sure you have researched the policies of the place that you are visiting. Prices are cheap right now so you are likely to find a very good deal.

Ian Schindler