Where to Buy Turkey for Thanksgiving

Skip the lines and continue to stay at home during this Thanksgiving season. You can buy your bird online and have it ready for your big feast without any hassle. Below are some sources that you can explore to have fuss-free preparations.

1. Nueske’s
Nueske’s is known for superior quality meats. Their Applewood Smoked Whole Turkey is sure to be a big hit for your family and friends. The turkey will arrive at your door fresh and you can freeze it until the holiday. Just remember to give it enough time to thaw before cooking.

2. Glatt Organics
Conscious eaters can turn to Glatt Organics for a whole turkey, as well as other products that are kosher, organic, and gluten-free. You can buy a bird in various sizes, from 12 pounds up to 25 pounds, plus extras like necks and thighs. This turkey is unseasoned or brined so you can make it your own and go as crazy as you want for Thanksgiving.

3. Organic Prairie
Another option for conscious consumers is Organic Prairie. Their turkeys are free-range, organic, and antibiotic-free. Each 13-16 pound bird comes with all its giblets included. This is your best choice if you are after an authentic Thanksgiving meal since Organic Prairie is dedicated to old-world farming practices.

4. The Swiss Colony
Do you love hickory-flavored turkey? Order from The Swiss Colony for a no-fuss feast. Just reheat the turkey and add to your crowd-pleasing dinner. You do not even need to tell anyone that it is not home cooked. It tastes that way anyway!

5. Diestel
There is a variety of choice at Diestel. All the birds are antibiotic-free and you can choose from an assortment of brines, smokes, seasonings, and sizes. It has a bigger price tag compared to other turkeys but the high quality is worth it.

6. Willie Bird Turkeys
Do you want your turkey smoked, plain, or flavored? Bone in or out? Whatever your preference, there is sure a tasty bird ready for you from Willie Bird Turkeys. The company takes pride in controling every step of the process, from procuring, seasoning, and smoking meats to sealing and shipping them, so you are sure to receive a quality product every time.