How to Store 6 Super Perishable Foods Correctly to Extend its Shelf-Life

Storing fresh food correctly is the secret to win the fight against fast spoilage. Check out the six super perishable items below and learn how to properly store them to extends its shelf-life and get more value out of your cash.

  1. Berries

Unfortunately, those beautiful reds, blues, and blacks take a turn for the worse really quickly. To keep them fresher longer, they must be unwashed, completely dry, and placed in a container lined with paper towels before you store them inside your fridge’s crisper drawer.

  1. Bread

You have two options to keep your bread fresh. If you just bought a crusty loaf, store it at room temperature. Once sliced, place it inside a closed paper bag. For a soft-crust loaf, keep it inside an airtight bag and store at room temperature.

  1. Milk

Fortunately, milk does not go bad overnight. Still, you can extend its shelflife by adding a pinch of salt to the jug or carton, and this will allow you to enjoy your milk for up to two weeks past its expiration date!

  1. Tomatoes

Look at the tomatoes that you have. Super ripe tomatoes should be kept on the fridge. Before that, store them on your counter with the stem side down, away from direct sunlight. Make sure no tomato is touching another, too.

  1. Fresh herbs

As wonderful as they are, leafy herbs like parsley, cilantro, and basil tend to go bad quickly. To extend their freshness, treat them like flowers. Trim the bottoms of the stems, place them in a glass of water, and drape a plastic bag or plastic wrap over the tops. Basil is the exception. You can keep it happily on your counter. Otherwise, all your other fresh herbs can stay inside your friedge and will be fresh for up to two weeks.

  1. Mushrooms

Did you just pick up lovely mushrooms from the farmer’s market? Get the most out of them by storing them, unwashed, inside a paper bag. This ensures air circulates around them and it absorbs any moisture that forms. Decay will be slowed for a week and you can enjoy your nice mushrooms until then.