10 Things to Buy to Save Money

Smart purchases keep on giving. These are not expenses but more of an investment. Here are some excellent things to buy that can help you save more money in the long run.

  1. Low-flow showerheads

Install a low-flow showerhead on your bath and instantly cut your water usage in half from your old showerhead. The best part is you will not even notice the difference.

  1. A quality coffeemaker

Grab a good coffeemaker and make nice tasting coffee every day from home. No need to overpay coffee shops anymore! I

  1. Heated mattress pad

If you have discovered the joys of an electric blanket, you will love a heated mattress pad on your bed – a full night’s sleep and feeling refreshed in the morning every time!

  1. Meal-kit deliveries

Cooking at home is the best. Ease your way into it by subscribing into a meal-kti delivery service that send you boxes of ingredients, pre-cut and pre-measured, plus instructions to cook healthy meals fast and easy. It is definitely less expensive than eating out.

  1. Rechargeable batteries

Why buy single-use batteries when you can just as easily pick up rechargeable ones that are better for the environment and your wallet?

  1. Reusable Swiffer-style pads

Swiffer mops and sweepers are heaven sent if you want a clean home. However, branded wet or dry replacement cloths are pricey. Get washable, reusable pads made of fleece and microfiber instead!

  1. Tire-pressure gauge

Did you know that driving with properly inflated tires can improve your gas mileage by up to 3%? This saves you money on gas and helps your tires last longer.

  1. Bicycle

A reliable bike can save you money on medical bills, gas, car repairs, and parking. If you are able to bike to work, all the better!

  1. Insulated lunch bag

Fresh lunch is always good news. With an insulated lunch bag, the food you packed at 6 AM will still be a delight to eat at 1 PM.

  1. Clothesline

Install a clothesline outside and hang your clothes to dry. No need for a fancy clothes dryer! An indoor rack works just as well.

Ian Schindler