5 Effortless Ways to Make Extra Cash

Even in the middle of this pandemic, you can still make extra cash with minimal effort with the help of the internet. Here are some ideas on how to earn additional income without a massive effort or dollar investment.

  1. Monetize your pictures.

Why settle for likes and hearts when you can get paid for your photos? If your friends and family keep complimenting your Instagram feed, cash in on it through apps like Foap. It is an awesome way to make money from your passion.

  1. Rent your ride.

According to the AAA, it costs at least$9,000 per year to own and operate a new vehicle. You can easily recover some of these costs by renting out your car when you are not using it. Some platforms to check out include Getaround, Turo, RVshare.

  1. Get paid for shopping.

Never shop without some kind of cash-back system. You can always get money for shopping, and you are already making the purchases, so might as well make sure you get something more in return. Popular cash-back portals are Rakuten, Ibotta, Swagbucksshop, and TopCashback. Just remember to keep yourself in check and do not shop for the sake of the cash-back!

  1. Take surveys.

This does not make as much money as the other tips mentioned, but you can still get paid for taking online surveys. It is a quick way to make a few dollars. Surveys vary by price, which ranges from $0.50 to $20. A few minutes a day sharing your opinion in exchange for cash is not too bad, is it?

  1. Sell your stuff.

If you have plenty of time to clean your closet or garage during the extended lockdown periods, know that you can make extra money from your castoffs. Whatever it is that you hope to get rid of, it can be someone else’s treasure if you sell it on the right place. Everything sells – from clothes to fishing rods and gift cards, even old phones! So do not just throw anything away. Check online if you can sell your unwanted stuff and earn extra cash off it.

Ian Schindler