6 Strategies to Earn More Points and Miles

6 Strategies to Earn More Points and Miles

Rewards are always the best thing about a new credit card. You save money, enjoy more, and have a better life. But did you know certain strategies can maximize your rewards and turn what is already good to even better? Take note of the six tips below and to earn more miles, points, or cashback on your new credit card.

1. Get your sign-up bonus.

No matter how large the sign-up bonus is, you cannot enjoy it unless you hit the required spending before the deadline. So crunch the numbers and see if you can afford to hit that spending target to receive more points, miles, and cash. The trick is to spend without going into debt. Otherwise, you are only negating the reward.

2. Add an authorized user.

Save your money and get some extra points by adding an authorized user. Some credit cards offer an additional sign-up bonus if the authorized user you added makes a purchase. Pick someone you are comfortable adding, like your spouse or a responsible child. It is an awesome strategy to earn more points.

3. Shop online via a bonus mall.

A bonus mall is a shopping portal that allows you to get discounts or rewards when online shopping. To enter the bonus mall, visit your credit card issuer’s bonus mall website and click on the retailer of your choice before purchasing. Pay with your card and earn the rewards.

4. Sign up for bonus rewards categories.

Standard rewards are 1%, but you can sign up for bonus rewards categories that can earn you up to 5% to get more points and miles. Remember to activate it each quarter and take advantage!

5. Use your card for everything, especially no-fees purchases.

Gas, groceries, travel expenses, entertainment spending, subscriptions, and utilities can all be put on your card in exchange for rewards. Just make sure to pay your balance in full each month.

6. Stack cards.

If you are into coupons, you know that stacking leads to saving money. The same goes for credit cards. You can combine them to maximize rewards. For example, if you have Chase Freedom and Chase Sapphire Preferred cards, stack them and use the combination of the 5% bonus categories and the Chase Ultimate Rewards site for redeeming rewards to maximize your points. Easy! You get more money in your pocket for little effort.