6 Ways to Score Cheap Vacation Deals

Spring break is here and vacation season rolls with it. With the ongoing COVID-19 vaccination, travel looks a lot more promising this year compared to the last. If you are ready to venture outside, here are some tips to consider to get deals and discounts for your next vacation.

  1. Be more flexible with your travel dates.

Weekend getaways are convenient. However, you score more savings if you fly on weekdays, up to 20% more. If you want to be more specific, Tuesday and Wednesday are the best days to fly in either direction.

  1. Let the deals determine your destination.

Visit flights deals websites and select whatever destination offers the best promos. You can also consider going to underrated and under-traveled destinations to save on accommodations and activities and avoid crowds that are associated with top tourist spots.

  1. Sign-up for e-mails.

If you are in the market for a vacation deal, sign-up for e-mails and newsletters from your favorite airlines and hotels. Company-curated list of deals are also worth checking out. However, always go to the original website before purchasing any deal because the original price is not always the one posted.

  1. Go on social media.

Travel companies, hotel chains, and airlines alway share promos and exlusive deals on their social media platforms. Make sure you follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram so you do not miss out on deals.

  1. Consider alternative lodging.

There is more life outside of traditional hotels. Bed and breakfasts, vacation rental homes, and hostels offer plenty of opportunities for a lovely vacation and savings at the same time. The hotel experience is overrated anyway.

  1. Add to cart.

Whatever it is you are considering for your holiday, just add it to your cart and do not complete the purchase. Some webstes automatically send coupons or offer promos to people who almost made a purchase but changed their minds at the last minute. This is your way of telling the company that you are in the market and are a viable customer. It is now up to them to take your business.