7 More Ways to Score Savings From Walmart

Prices at Walmart have always been competitive. Yet, there are more ways to boost the discounts you earn. Following are some tips to squeeze more savings from in-store or online Walmart shopping.

  1. Pay with free Walmart gift cards.

Whatever you buy with a free gift card is basically free. How do you score free gift cards? There are several ways, including Walmart’s trade-in program, websites like Swagbucks and Topcashback, and shopping apps like Shopkick.

  1. Pay with your cash-back credit card.

Plenty of credit cards allow you to earn cash back at Walmart stores or Walmart.com. Just remember that this tip only works if you pay your bill in full each month. It is not worth it if you have to pay interest charges!

  1. Get cash rebates.

Several cash back apps like Ibotta gives you cash rebates when you make purchases from Walmart stores and other participating shops.

  1. Use coupons codes.

Before clicking that check-out button, do a quick online search for coupon codes for the items that you are buying. It does not take very long to find extra discounts, especially when you use browser extensions that automatically search for coupon codes.

  1. Earn cash back from Walmart.

As mentioned earlier, cash back portals will allow you to earn cash back when shopping online. There are several that you can use to get discounts on your purchases from Walmart’s website.

  1. Use Walmart’s Store Pickup.

This is a service offered by Walmart. If you shop online but your total is less than $35, which is the minimum order required to qualify for free shipping, you can opt to have your order sent to your local store and you can pick it up there. You save up on shipping and it is possible that you will receive what Walmart calls a Pickup Discount on certain items that you purchased.

  1. Watch out for fake reviews.

Examine the reviews of a product before buying it. It can be tricky to tell which is an honest glowing review and something that was written by a person with a vested interest in boosting a product’s rating. Take your time in checking the products and use your best judgment to avoid nasty surprises.