Best Limited-Time Credit Card Bonus Offers

Credit card companies have expanded their benefits for many of their most popular rewards and credit cards to reflect customers’ changing spending habits during the pandemic. These changes can help offset some cards’ annual fees, which can be quite expensive if you’re unable to take full advantage of their benefits. These companies’ quick thinking has allowed many cardholders to accumulate more rewards on everyday purchases, despite being more conscious about spending. 

Since credit card bonus rewards come and go all the time, it can be difficult for cardholders to stay on top of and make the most of their benefits. Business Insider compiled a list of the most recent temporary rewards in the categories you use every day to make things a little easier. 

Spending Threshold Bonuses

World of Hyatt, British Airways Visa Signature, Aer Lingus Visa Signature, and Iberia Visa Signature cardholders can qualify for bonus points when they spend a certain amount of money with their cards. 

World of Hyatt credit cardmembers can receive 5,000 bonus points after activation and meeting the $3,000 spending threshold before March 31, 2021. British Airways Visa Signature, Aer Lingus Visa Signature, and Iberia Visa Signature members can earn 15,000 Avios rewards points when they spend $5,000 or more before the end of March 2021.

Existing customers must have received the email from Chase and activate the offer to become eligible.

Supermarket Bonuses  

American Express Platinum Card members have a chance to take advantage of one of the most competitive offers on the market. Not only can new cardholders qualify for 75,000 welcome bonus points when they spend $5,000 or more within six months, but they can also get ten times the points on the first $15,000 they spend at the grocery store and gas station in their first six months. Even when you meet the spending limit, you can continue to earn 1X points after that.

Cardholders can also enjoy other great benefits like $30 monthly PayPal statement credits from now until June, $100 annual Saks credits, and $200 in annual Uber credits. All of these rewards are why Business Insider considers the Platinum Card one of the best credit cards, even if you can’t travel.

Gas Station Bonuses

New Amex Platinum Customers

As mentioned before, new American Express Platinum cardholders can enjoy ten times the points when they use their card at any US gas station. This offer is good for the first $15,000 spent in combined categories within six months after opening an account. After reaching the spending limit, members can still earn one point for every dollar. 

Chase Branded Travel Credit Cards

Chase customers with a co-branded card from IHG, Marriott, Southwest, and United Airlines can receive five times the points or miles on the first $1,500 they spend at the gas station until the end of March 2021.

American Express Business Platinum

Right now, Business Platinum cardholders can earn five times the points on up to $20,000 in gas station purchases until the end of June 2021. This benefit can go a long way to offset business expenses.

Select Citi Cards

Certain Citi cardholders can qualify for five times the points on groceries, gas, drugstores, commuting, rideshares, and more. As we said earlier, this reward must be activated via Chase’s email. Once you do, you can earn five times the points on $250 in combined categories until March 31, 2021.

Streaming Subscription Bonuses

Chase Freedom Flex

Chase Freedom Flex and existing legacy Chase Freedom cardholders can receive 5% cashback (the equivalent of five times Chase Ultimate Rewards points) on the first $1,500 they spend in combined rotating spending categories. After that, they can continue to earn 1% cashback.

In addition, Chase Freedom’s first quarter bonus category includes streaming subscriptions, wholesale clubs, internet, cable, and phone providers. Members need to activate the reward before March 14 to be eligible, but they can enjoy these benefits on qualifying purchases retroactive to January 1.

Capital One Savor Cards

With more people stuck at home during the pandemic, it makes sense why credit card companies would extend rewards programs for streaming services. Capital One Savor Cash Rewards cardholders can rack up 4% cashback when they pay their monthly streaming bill until the end of April 2021. 

On the other hand, SavorOne cardholders can get 3% cashback on Netflix, Hulu, and even Spotify. These rewards are on top of the great dining and entertainment benefits that come with these cards. 


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