10 Effortless Ways to Save More

Simple changes in your day-today habits can save you more money in an effortless way. Below are 10 tips to try today and get more value for less.

1. Collect rewards.
There are plenty of rewards programs out there. Check out retailers for discounts, cash backs, and points that can save you money whenever you make a purchase.

2. Write lists.
Do not underestimate the power of the list. This organizes any shopping trip and protects you from impulse buys and unplanned purchases. Just make sure you write and stick to your list!

3. Cook in bulk.
Why not make double the servings of your favorite recipes and store meals in the freezer? On busy days, you will never be tempted to order takeout or buy convenience food because all you need to do is pull a nice meal from your freezer and heat it up. Also, buying ingredients in bulk is cheaper.

4. Turn your lights off.
When you are not in the room, turn your lights off to save on energy. Keeping them on does not benefit anyone and only increases your bill.

5. Buy energy-efficient bulbs
Switching to energy-efficient bulbs is a smart investment. LEDs and CFLs have much longer lives than normal incandescent bulbs and save on power costs dramatically.

6. Clear your car’s air filter.
Every few months, clean or change the air filter of your car. This will improve your mileage by up to 7% and save you over $100 for every 10,000 miles.

7. Shop the sales.
There is always a sale in the grocery store. Why not plan your meals around them? It takes some planning and creativity but it sure results in a mch smaller food bill and a fuller stomach!

8. Entertain at home.
Save more money by staying in and cooking for your friends and family. A night out in the city will sure cost more out of your pocket.

9. Do not save your credit card online.
It is harder to shop online when you have to get your credit card and enter all your information all the time!

10. Make your own presents.
Personalized gifts are always well-received. Instead of buying a present, try making your own or offering your services to friends and family. It will sure make a bigger difference!