10 Hacks to Save More Money This Year

10 Hacks to Save More Money This Year

It is not enough to set a New Year’s resolution – you must learn how to do it to ensure completion. If you want to save more money this year, follow the 10 hacks below to ensure success.

1. Start using cash.

Creating awareness over your spending is the best way to curb it. When you just swipe your debit or credit card, you can go on endless transactions without thinking about the money you are spending. Using cash, on the other hand, is palpable. Also, it is hard to overspend because you cannot spend money you do not have.

2. Shop at grocery stores.

Ultimately, convenience stores are inconvenient because the prices are so expensive! For example, you can get a quick coffee fix for $4, but easily buy an entire bag of coffee for $8.

3. Lower your utility bills.

Your utility bills are not set in stone. You can call your cable or phone provider and ask for different plans with lower monthly bills. Making small changes, like installing low-flow showerheads and faucets, sealing cracks around your windows and doors, and adjusting your thermostat at home also makes a difference.

4. Stop paying interest!

Has it ever occurred to you that all the money that you pay on interest can be saved instead? You waste a lot of money on interest every month so find a way to eliminate your debt. Come up with a debt payoff plan, either by discussing with your credit card company or doing a balance transfer.

5. Hop into the meal prep bandwagon.

Stop eating out or ordering takeout. Meal preps are big trends these days, and it is time to hop on it. Take one day of the week to prepare all your meals and start saving more money on food!

6. Do more DIY.

Before calling a pro to do home maintenance or car repairs, checkout-free online videos and see how complicated the solution is. You can save a ton of money if you can DIY.

7. Shop used items.

not only will this help you save money, it is also good for the environment. Of course, you cannot buy everything used, but those that are possible will sure make a big impact on your wallet.

8. Shop on sales.

Here is the truth: all prices drop. Wait for a sale and you can buy the same item that you want for a much cheaper price.

9. Get groceries delivered to you.

If it is impossible for you to stick to a list, use services that will deliver groceries to your home. Alternatively, there are stores that will do the shopping for you and all you have to do is pick them up.

10. Use budgeting apps.

There are many cool apps that can help you track your spending, write a budget, earn rewards and cashbacks, and automatically apply coupons to your orders. You use your phone for everything, might as well add saving money to the list!

Ian Schindler