10 Romantic Date Ideas for Less

Romance is always welcome in any relationship. It does not have to be expensive, too, and you can certainly go on fun date nights even when you have bills to pay or are saving for your first down payment. Below are some romantic but cheap ideas to keep the sparks alive.

  1. Take scenic drives.

Pick a highway near a coast for a fun afternoon drive. It gets better if it is spring and you can spot wild flowers everywhere!

  1. Go for a hike.

Nature lovers? Find a trail near you and have a relaxing or challenging hike. It can vary depending on your experience. The beautiful nature will be the same though.

  1. Have a picnic.

There is a good reason why all romantic movies have a picnic scene. Gather some snacks from your kitchen and take your basket with your partner to a local park or beach.

  1. Have a drive-by of your relationship.

Where did you have your first kiss, first date, or first apartment? Craft a timeline of your relationship events and drive to these places on a nice sunny day.

  1. Be an Instagram boyfriend or girlfriend.

Grab your smartphone and have fun taking photos of each other. This idea pairs nicely with a scenic drive or any other outdoor activity.

  1. Reminisce over old photos.

If you do not feel like going out, you can still have fun with pictures by looking at your old photos together. Get them out of storage and have a good laugh about how you looked and acted in the past.

  1. Grab some dessert and coffee or tea.

Instead of a dinner date, go out for dessert and drinks instead. This is often cheaper but adds the same novelty of going out to eat and talk.

  1. Visit nurseries or botanical gardens.

Plants are infinitely relaxing. Walk around a nursery or botanical garden near you and feel your stresses melt away.

  1. Play a game together.

Board games, video games, and sports are fun to play with friends, but also with your partner. Show your competitive side and have the loser wash dishes for a week!

  1. Cook together.

Not everyone enjoys cooking but it can be fun when done together. Prepare your own dinner from scratch or a meal kit and save up on a dinner date.