10 Tips to Save $10 on Groceries Now

10 Tips to Save $10 on Groceries Now

You might have heard of people who save hundreds in groceries each month and wonder how on Earth do they do it. There is really no magic trick involved. Just establish healthy habits and use your money correctly. You are sure to get as much as you can for less. Here are 10 strategies to start saving $10 on your groceries today.

1. Write a list.

Never leave for the grocery store without a meal plan and a list of ingredients that you need. This keeps your focus, steers you away from impulse purchases, and cuts your trips to the grocery store.

2. Stock up on sale items.

Shopping sales can save you more than $10 every month. The trick is to stock up on items you regularly use when they are on sale and plan your weekly menu around them. The savings will add up fast!

3. Buy in bulk.

Buying single portions and individual packages are definitely more expensive, and much harmful for the environment. Buy in bulk when the cost is lower per ounce. Just make sure you can use every item before it goes bad.

4. Watch out for quick sales.

Every week, grocery stores mark meats down for a quick sale for the day. This is an excellent way to save on this expensive protein. Plan your trip on quick sale days to cut costs on meat. Freeze and store it properly to extend its life, too.

5. Eat first.

Everything looks good when you shop hungry so eat first. Go to the grocery store after lunch or have a small snack before leaving the house. If you can go when you are not exhausted, you can also cut down on your impulse purchases.

6. Shop multiple stores.

Plan a route when you do your grocery shopping and you can save money by visiting multiple places. Go to one place where produce is fresh and cheap, visit another for bulk buys, and finish at specialty stores for spices and other items. Shop strategically and you will definitely cut your costs.

7. Limit shopping trips.

Have you ever gone to the store for a bag of bread and walked out with a bag full of groceries? It happens to everyone. It is best to do all of your shopping in one day, preferably the start of the month, and pick up fresh produce and perishables later in the month. Limiting your trips to the grocery store also limits your impulse purchases.

8. Start using coupons.

Coupons will never go away, and if you have not already, now is the time to use them. Use online sites and apps to clip coupons and build real savings every month.

9. Try store brands.

Many of the store brands are made in the same plants as the manufacturers of the major brands. Give them a try and you will discover a whole new world of savings.

10. Check out a new store.

If you have always shopped in the same store, check out a different one and compare prices. You may be able to find better deals and discounts that will earn you savings each month.