10 Tips to Save More Money at Home This 2021

Welcome a new frugal mindset along with the New Year to save more around your household. Follow the 10 tips below to grow your savings and cut costs with hardly any effort.

1. Regrow vegetable scraps.
Leeks, onions, carrots, lettuce, basil, and many more vegetables can be regrown from scraps. You can easily make more food from your kitchen window!

2. Bake bread.
Since you have plenty of time at home, why not bake your own bread? It can save you a lot of money, plus it is super therapeutic. Check easy loaf of bread recipes online to get started.

3. Bump your thermostat.
Adjust your thermostat two or three degrees in either direction depending on the season to save on your electric bill. Just dress for the occassion and you will still be comfortable.

4. Invest in yourself.
There are tons of free classes online that will teach you how to sew, make jewelries, code, and so on. Take advantage of these free classes and invest in yourself.

5. Start small.
Lifestyle changes become more sustainable when you take baby steps. Nothing will be overwhelming or too stressful so you keep going!

6. Buy returned paint.
If you have a wall you need to paint and want to save up, ask for returned paint. This is paint that is usually tinted a different shade than the original by the store.

7. Make more food at home.
Almond milk, truffles, pesto, yogurt, granola, and many more food items can be made at home. You will be surprised how the homemade versions are infinitely better than the storebought ones, and cheaper, too.

8. DIY cleaning products
Products like all-purpose wipes, hand sanitizer, and laundry booster can be made at home, too, using eco-friendly ingredients that also cost almost nothing to make.

9. Buy fresh food in bulk and freeze them.
When you have extra money, pick up extra fruit and vegetables and put them in the deep freeze. They are ready anytime you are in need!

10. Automate your bills.
Figure out how much you need to pay for the month and have the bank automatically deduct it from your paycheck. You will never be late and there is no way you can overspend before attending to your responsibilities.

Ian Schindler