10 Ways to Save Money on Your Bathroom Project

10 Ways to Save Money on Your Bathroom Project

Are you starting to put your quarantine time into good news by renovating and remodeling your bathroom? The tips below will help you finish your project in a smart and cost-effective way.

1. Utilize your walls better.

Forget moving walls. They eat your budget very quickly. Further, you can easily go for recess shelves added into the area between wall studs to create vertical storage. Money-saving, check. Floor space saving, also check.

2. Add mirrors.

It is a great trick to bounce light. A large mirror, or a small one painted in a light color, can easily remove the gloom and brighten your space on a budget.

3. Refresh the tiles with new grout.

If the tiles are in good shape, do not replace them! You can easily refresh its look by re-grouting. It takes a bit of work but saves more time and money than a complete overhaul.

4. Get creative with designer tiles.

Be creative and you will only use a small amount to make a big difference. Try installing designer tiles at an angle or arranged differently for more style and character. Think of it as an accent, something to add color and interest to your bathroom.

5. Pick smart splurges.

Look for items that give you the most bang for your buck. Consider investing in light fixtures, countertop materials, or a few rows of expensive designer floor tiles that elevate the room without having a high-end price tag for every piece.

6. Choose a timeless look.

Fads are expensive because you need to remodel every time. Invest in neutral colors and natural finishes. These are tried and tested and are less expensive compared to trendy counterparts.

7. Work with old furniture.

Instead of buying new furniture, transform your old pieces and turn it into a DIY project that will save you money and the environment.

8. Use wallpaper.

Admittedly, a floor-to-ceiling tile adds a luxurious look to any bathroom but it comes with a fat price tag. You can get the same effect for less by installing patterned wallpaper to your bathroom walls.

9. Pick a nice shower curtain.

If a custom glass shower door is out of your budget, just change your shower curtains! It is an inexpensive solution that can elevate your bathroom design.

10. Replace your ventilation.

Proper ventilation does not add to the design but it is important for health and safety. It prevents condensation that makes the floors slippery and stops the growth of mold and mildew. Circulating the air correctly will protect everything inside your bathroom and save your money.

Ian Schindler