10 Ways to Save on Food and Entertainment

How much do you spend on food and entertainment every month? When money is tight, consider the tips below to cut costs on these areas and give your budget some much needed breathing room.

  1. Start menu planning.

When you know what you are eating for the week, you only need a single trip to the supermarket, stop ordering delivery, and stay clear of impulse buys.

  1. Eat at home more.

Dining out is expensive. Start preparing your food and cooking at home to cut costs. You can even take your lunch to work!

  1. Switch grocery stores.

Create a price book and find out what items are cheaper where. If you get discounts on everything you buy, it is worth changing or visiting multiple stores.

  1. Shop the sales.

Plan your meals around sales and deals from the supermarket. There is something new on offer every day and if you get creative, you can make good food out of these cheap items.

  1. Stock up.

Buying bigger cuts of meat is cheaper. If you have the space in your freezer, stock up and this can help you save money. Do the same for frozen fruit and vegetables. Canned goods and pantry staples can be purchased in bulk, too.

  1. Cut your cable TV.

If you have already subscribed to a streaming service, keeping your cable subscription is nothing but a redundancy.

  1. Go out early.

Movies and restaurant drinks and meals are sometimes cheaper when you go early or at odd hours. You still get to have a good time and the savings can add up quickly.

  1. Look for free local activities.

Many cities offer weekly events that you can attend for free or at a cheap price. It is a great way to explore or learn something new.

  1. Go camping.

Instead of staying at a hotel, pack a tent and go camping in the woods or at a national park.

  1. Consider monthly subscription services.

These services offer unlimited music, videos, books, games, etc that will keep you entertained at a much lower price!