20 Money Saving Food Hacks to Try Today

20 Money-Saving Food Hacks to Try Today

Thinking of cutting your grocery budget? Here are 20 fast ideas on how to save money on food, without sacrificing pleasure or quality.

1. Start cooking more at home. You do not have to make all meals, but making most of it will do wonders for your budget.

2. Shop with a list. When you do, the extra package of cookies will not distract you as easily. You will finish faster, too!

3. Use a meal planning service to plan your meals. There are plenty of free apps that can help you, as well as resources online.

4. Pack a lunch. The sandwich that you buy every day at the office can easily be made at home if you make an effort. Bonus: it can be more delicious, too!

5. Cook once a week or once a month to make eating at home more comfortable. It can be challenging to start but practice makes perfect.

6. Get in the habit of using coupons. They are circulated to be used to take advantage of them. Also, make a point of shopping sales at your grocery store to save more money.

7. Research prices of grocery items and compare different stores. Go to the one that offers the best value. Check out warehouse clubs or discount grocery stores for lower prices.

8. Shop at more than one store each week to find the lowest prices for each item. If you plan your route, this strategy will be a breeze.

9. Spices and specialty foods can be expensive from your local supermarket. Check out ethnic stores to get a better price and a bigger selection!

10. Buy in bulk on items that you use a lot. Cereal, sugar, coffee, soap, shampoo, and laundry items are obvious starters.

11. Avoid buying individually packaged items. Buy larger items and package them yourself. This is better for your pocket and the environment, too.

12. Do not assume buying the largest size means more savings. Pay attention to the price per ounce label to avoid getting scammed.

13. Look for coupons or deals when dining out. They came from the restaurant and they will be happy if you use them!

14. Take advantage of frequent customer discount programs at your favorite restaurants. You already go there all the time, might as well get something out of it.

15. Check out restaurant deals at Groupon or Amazon Local to earn discounts on good places to eat.

16. Join a cooking co-op near you! It is a fun way to share food, exchange meals, learn new ideas, and take time off from cooking a few nights a week.

17. Visit the farmer’s market to find better deals on produce. You will also get more options and fresher fruits and vegetables.

18. Invest in a freezer so you can buy more food in bulk. This tip will save you a lot of money on food especially if you are feeding a family.

19. Schedule your shopping so you avoid running to the store for one or two items. You want to limit your visits to avoid the temptation of impulse buys.

20. Try store brands to save more. Not all will be good, but not all will be bad either. Be open to experiments and save more money on food.

Ian Schindler