3 Best Coupon Apps of 2020

3 Best Coupon Apps of 2020

Coupons can save you a lot of money, so make sure you make the most of them by following this list of the 3 Best Coupon Apps of 2020! Nothing can feel worse than thinking you missed out on some massive savings so do yourself and your wallet a favor and really take a look at these incredible saving opportunities that these coupons can give you access to and start saving.

1. Ibotta – the grocery king.

If you follow the first rule of groceries – which is to always make a list before heading out – then Ibotta can truly take your savings to the next level. Because if you have your shopping list ready, just pull up the Ibotta app and check it for the items that you have put on your shopping list. Chances are you are going to find some there. If you do, mark them in the app, buy them, keep your receipt and then scan the barcode into the app after you got back home. As soon as you reach $20, you can redeem the cash through your PayPal.

2. Grocery IQ – sharing is caring.

Lots of people tend to do shopping together with others, especially students who live in a flatshare. With Grocery IQ, you can not only make lists and share them around super easily, but you can also find coupons for all of the items on your list. Also, it makes it super easy to make sure that you are always staying coordinated across all of your roommates so that you never over-buy or run out of crucial items.

3. SnipSnap – Paper no more.

Even in this digital age, there are still tons of paper coupons out there. This can be annoying since they are easy to lose and often fail you when you truly need them. Well, no more of that, thanks to SnipSnap! Just take your paper coupons, take a photo of them with SnipSnap and have it digitized them for you. On top of that, you get access to coupons digitized by other users, too, so you will never miss out on saving opportunities again!

Ian Schindler