4 Ways You Shorten the Life of Alexa

So you have welcomed Alexa from Amazon into your home. How cool is that? Now you have a personal assistant who can do pretty much anything for you. Your job now is to make sure you take care of this relationship and avoid mistreating your device. Below are some ways you may be comprising Alexa and shortening its lifespan.

1. You are not cleaning it properly.
It does not take a lot to clean Alexa. A soft cloth dampened with water and bit or rubbing alcohol will do the trick. Other cleaners can be abrasive and scratch the screen of your device. Remember to turn it off and unplug it before cleaning. Let it dry out completely before turning it back on. This simple cleaning process will ensure Alexa will stay with you for a long time.

2. You let it get wet.
Even if you can speak to Alexa, it is still the same as any other electronics. Get it wet and you will have problems. Keep it in a dry place in your home, away from steamy places like the bathroom, around humidifiers, and near the stove in your kitchen. Ideally, you will not place Alexa near spill-prone areas like the kitchen table or countertop or any place where you prepare food. Better safe than sorry!

3. You do not let it dry completely.
If you have an accident and Alexa gets wet, unplug it quickly and let it dry completely before using it again. Plugging it in too soon can short out the electronics and possibly give you a shock! Depending on how wet it was, drying can take days so be patient. Accelerating drying with a hair dryer is not recommended. Extreme heat can damage the internal components and cause even more problems.

4. You use third-party accessories.
Amazon does not recommend the use of third-party accessories. Is this a simple way to boost the sales of their products? Not always. In some cases, third-party accessories are not built to the same quality standards as the original. Unintended effects may result, especially if you have a low-quality accessory. Yikes! Be careful so your Alexa continues to serve you for years and makes your home a healthy and safe one.

Ian Schindler