5 Clever Uses of Toilet Paper Tubes

5 Clever Uses of Toilet Paper Tubes

After buying all the toilet paper in the stores and using it all up, you now have a growing collection of cardboard tubes. You probably just throw it away, but the clever tips below give new life to the rolls and lessen your waste at home. Try these five activities with your kids and have some fun today.

1. Make baby plants.

Interested in joining the home gardening trend? No need to buy biodegradable starting pots for seedlings. Just use the cardboard tubes from your paper towels and toilet paper. Cut each toilet paper tube into two pots or each paper towel tube into four. Fill it with a seed-starting mix, pack it down, and sow your seeds. When it is time to transfer your baby plant, break down the side of the roll, and bury all of the cardboard completely.

2. Create plant guards.

The last thing you want is to scar the trunk of your young tree when you are whacking weeds surrounding it. You can use a cardboard mailing tube to protect it. Cut the tube in half lengthwise and tie the two halves around the trunk while you work around the tree. Slip it off when done and use it on the next tree.

3. DIY hamster toy.

Your hamster will love going in and around the tube, or maybe chew on it to pass the time. Replace the tube with fresh ones once it looks ragged.

4. Make English crackers.

Do you have bored kids at home? You can use toilet paper tubes to make English crackers. They explode without the safety hazard. To make, tie an 8 in. string around a small candy. After tying, the string should have about 6 in. to spare. Place the gift into the tube so the string dangles out one end. Wrap the tube with bright colored papers and twist the ends. Pull-on the string and it will pop the gift triumphantly!

5. Organize the kid’s artwork.

Roll the artwork and place it inside a paper towel tube. Write the name of the artist and the date on the outside. It is easy to store these tubes, and frankly, you can place any document inside, such as licenses or certificates.

Ian Schindler