5 Expensive Grocery Items to DIY at Home

Sometimes a little DIY is all you need to slash your grocery bill in half. Following are expensive grocery items that you can easily make at home for less and more nutrition.

  1. Microwave sandwiches

Do microwave sandwiches taste better than the one you can make at home? No. Is it more nutritious? No. In fact, you are mostly paying for packaging and additives. For the average cost of one pre-made sandwich, you can make a bigger, better, and healthier version for you and a couple of friends!

  1. Boxed rice dishes

Read the ingredients list and you will usually see rice, salt, and spices. The price sure does not reflect that. Buy each ingredient individually and cook it yourself at home. Buy a bag of rice, get the spices, and cook according to the package instructions.

  1. Premium frozen vegetables

Peas in herbed butter sauce sounds fancy, and it is even better when you make it yourself. Just add a tablespoon of butter on pan, add your peas, and sprinkle some herbs that you have on hand. You can also mix other vegetables sitting on your fridge and you have the same meal as these premium and gourmet vegetables sold at the grocery store, only a lot cheaper.

  1. Protein bars

If you compare the sugar and fat content of most protein bars with candy bars, you would be surprised to know they are almost the same. Protein bars are packaged as healthy snacks and it is your job to look beyond the marketing. For a better vitamin boost, eat fruit and nuts with yogurt. This is more satisfying and less expensive.

  1. Spice mixes

What is stopping you from mixing your own spices? Check what you have on your pantry and try mixing a few that you like. This is far healthier than the expensive ones from the supermarket that is loaded with salt followed by a vague herbs and spices. You want to add more flavor to your food – not just salt. Sprinkling real herbs and spices will do just the trick and it certainly does not have to be expensive.