5 Extreme Ways to Lower Your Daily Expenses

There are two kinds of people: some prefer small, gradual changes to save more money, while others go for the extreme to slash bills in half and change their lifestyles radically. If you are on the latter team, here are some ways to earn major savings through big lifestyle changes.

  1. Moving to a tiny house

The tiny house movement is popular because it is a fast ticket to big savings. Small houses mean small bills. Tiny houses typically run from 250 to 600 square feet, and they may be permanent or mobile. These are ideal for couples or small families but bigger families have done it, too, and were quite successful. If it is unrealistic for you to pack your family in a tiny home, moving to a smaller home will cut your bills, too.

  1. Selling your car

You can save serious money by selling your car and switching to public transportation. If you take a bike to work or walk more, bonus points for your health and the environment. Consider renting a car for longer trips or carpooling whenever possible.

  1. Becoming vegetarian

Take a look at your weekly grocery bill. It will not be a surprise if meat takes a good chunk of your budget. Eliminate meat and go vegetarian for extreme savings. Of course, this will only work if you like vegetables and buy whole produce instead of convenience foods and specialty products.

  1. Unplugging

Electronic gadgets and toys are nice but they come at a price. The easiest way to save money is to cut cable TV. It is fairly standard money-saving advice. If you want to go even more extreme, eliminate your mobile phone or try a prepaid phone instead.

  1. Turn off the AC.

Air-conditioners collectively cost U.S. homeowners around $29 billion annually. Turning it off can save you a lot of money. In some parts of the country, you will be comfortable without air-conditioning. In hotter areas, only do this if you are desperate and reconsider if it poses a danger to your health! Saving money is good but your health should be your priority.