5 Food Staples to Make at Home to Save Cash

Making a few food staples will make a big difference on your budget, and possibly even your health. The key is to start small and DIY items that you regularly eat on your household. Below are fast and easy tips and recipes for cooking daily food staples that you can try today.

  1. Beans

Is there a cheaper superfood than beans? They are a protein powerhouse and contain zero fat. You probably have a couple of cans lying around the house but you can easily cook your own from scratch using simple recipes online. It will be infinitely cheaper and lower in salt. For even more savings, do a double batch and freeze it.

  1. Iced tea

Even the most basic store brand costs several bucks a gallon; flavored varieties even more. If you go to your grocery store and buy black tea, you will find that it is one of the cheapest drinks items out there. Just pour recently boiled water over eight tea bags and let it steep for 15 minutes. Then top up the water to make a gallon. While it is still hot, add in sugar to taste. This basic brew will give you a gallon for only 24 cents maximum.

  1. Pizza dough

Store-bought pizza dough costs $3-$5. Takeout pizza is around $18. If you make your own at home, you will only spend a little over $1 and you can enjoy good pizza with your family. Basic pizza dough is nothing but water, flour, and yeast! Personalizing your toppings is also very fun, especially if you have kids.

  1. Taco seasoning

If your family loves tacos and taco salads, you will save a lot by making your own taco seasoning. It is a ridiculously simple process: just stir together 10 common spices that you like and that is really it.

  1. Overnight oats

Trendy but nutritious, commercial overnight oats costs $1.50 for 2 oz cups. Make it at home and you get more volume for far less. Rolled oats is just 99 cents a pound. Just add twice as much liquid as oats into a jar in the fridge before you go to bed and eat it in the morning!