5 Generic Brand Items to Skip

Generic brands are definitely cheaper than brand alternatives. The cost of marketing is often added to the latter and you do not want to pay for that. But there are exceptions. Certain brand-name products are clearly superior. Following are items worth the extra cash.

  1. Ice cream

If you are looking to lose weight, buy generic brand ice cream. You won’t eat it. The best flavor comes with the premium brands like Häagen-Dazs or Ben & Jerry’s. The label will reveal the magic. A few ingredients like milk, cream, sugar and maybe eggs, plus the natural flavorings, crunchies and crumbles guarantee a happy tummy.

  1. Laundry detergent

Some people say laundry soap is enough to keep your clothes clean. If you still feel you need laundry detergent, stick with the top brand names. You simply get better cleaning power compared to the generic counterparts. And no, it is also not worth making your own.

  1. Liquid dish soap

Suds matter. Unfortunately with generic brands, wimpy and watery liquid dish soap does not make the cut. You want to pick up one that is concentrated so it cleans twice as many dishes. Experts recommend Dawn Platinum Dishwashing Soap.

  1. House paint

The rule is clear with house paint: you get what you pay for. The best paints require fewer coats to cover, last longer and simply look better than cheaper paints. Cheap paints contain a lower percentage of essential pigments and binders. You will end up using more and repainting more often. Ultimately, you saved nothing, if not ended up spending more.

  1. Electric toothbrush head replacements

Another worthy splurge is electric toothbrush head replacements. They fit nicely and have same colored rings, which is helpful if you do not want to use someone else’s toothbrush! Also, the heads are soft and will not irritate your gums. Compared to generic brands, the branded versions are gentler. They are worth your money.