5 Home Renovations You are Likely to Regret

The truth is some renovations are better left on the pages of the glossy home magazines. Before you start demolishing and adding things, consider the tips below that will hopefully encourage you to abstain from projects that you are likely to regret sooner rather than later.

1. Adding a great room
Demolishing parts of your house to create an open space seem like a good idea but you must really think it through. A great room does not lend you many options. You only have one room to hang out in, any mess will be visible from everywhere, and there is no table for you to enjoy a meal.

2. Getting a free-standing spa tub
This is a bad idea for several reasons. One, it takes up a lot of space. Two, it is hard to keep clean. Three, you will probably not use it as much. And four, it uses an enormous amount of water.

3. Converting a bedroom into a walk-in closet
Yes, slanted shoe shelving and a valet pole are nice. Who would not appreciate a spacious dressing area? But what happens when you sell your home? You lost a bedroom, and at the same time, you lost value on your home. Think very hard before converting that spare bedroom.

4. Buying customized tile and hardwood designs
Think of these items just like any accessory. They go in and out of fashion. Before you start renovating and spending money, think about whether this is just a passing phase or a design that you will love for the next 10 years.

5. Installing concrete countertops
Concrete countertops look fantastic on Instagram. They are at the crossroads of rustic and industrial – really pretty. However, installing them is a big commitment. You cannot change it just like that. Also, concrete surfaces are porous and require to be resealed regularly. Note that they also have a tendency to crack and stains are likely to mark the surface for a while. While the concrete countertops look good, they need serious maintenance. Are you ready for that?

Ian Schindler