5 Old-fashioned Frugal Strategies That are Making a Strong Comeback

As a child, you have probably seen your parents get creative with how they save money. These old strategies are making a comeback with society’s renewed focus on green living and simplicity. Below are forgotten frugal tips that deserve a resurrection.

  1. Gardening

The lawn-to-garden movement is gaining a lot of popularity recently, and for good reason. There is a lot of pride in having homegrown food lately, not to mention how it helps the budget. Gardening is cool again. You can give it a go by starting slowly with a few herb pots or working on a simple container garden.

  1. Buying used

Buying secondhand is smart. If you are able to invest some time, you can get quality furniture for half the price of new ones. Also, buying used lessens the impact of depreciation. Depending on where you live, your purchase can also be tax free!

  1. Mending

There are so many downsides to buying new clothes. Fast fashion is riddled with so many issues that it is hard to support it. Besides, if you take care of your clothes and mend them instead of throwing them away, you save a significant amount of cash and trash, plus skip wearing the guilt that comes with fast fashion.

  1. Air-drying clothes

Before electric dryers, people have gone by fine with air-drying their clothes on a clothesline. There is zero energy cost, no filter to clean, and no static cling. Air-drying also helps in making your clothes last longer. If you have the space, you can line-dry your clothes or use a drying rack inside your house.

  1. Trading

This strategy is commonly seen in the houseplant industry these days. Given the crazy prices that plants are going, it makes a lot of sense to trade or barter plants. You can also do this for anything. It is an excellent way to save money and build stronger relationships. There is always something that you have that others will find valuable. Before making anew purchase, check out online or social media groups that do trades – you might just find a match!

Ian Schindler