5 Secrets Target Employees Will Not Tell You

Target guarantees the best price. Apart from offering everyday bargains, the store also price matches. No wonder it is a favorite of thrifty shoppers! Follow the insider tips below to save even more the next item you shop.

1. Markdowns are predictable.
Do not just go shopping for clothes on any ramdom day. Sales are totally predictable since stores stick to a regular schedule. How does Target usually do it? Monday is children’s and baby clothes; Tuesday is women’s and ready-to-wear; Wednesday is shoes, lingerie, and domestic items; Thursday is jewelry. Each location follow their own schedule though. If you are unsure, show up early and watch where the employees add the red stickers.

2. The clearance tag shows the size of the discount.
Are you really getting a deal? Check the price tag – there should be a small number at the top right corner that reveals the percentage off. You will often see 30, 50, or 70, which pertains to 30%, 50%, or 70% clearance. 90% clearance sales are rare. If you run across a 70, grab it because that is the cheapest that item can be.

3. You can ask for price adjustments.
If you bought an item and saw it on sale the following week, you can bring in a coupon or show proof of the sale within two weeks of buying the item and Target will adjust the price to match the cheaper option.

4. Score free shipping on your online purchases.
Yes, it is common knowledge that Target offers free returns on online purchases, but did you know you can get free shipping on almost any online purchase, with no minimum if you sign up for a REDcard? Just remember that you cannot use a Target debit card on the mobile online store.

5. Target will pay you for bringing a reusable bag.
It pays to go green at Target. For every reusable bag you use, you are rewarded five cents off your purchase. It is a small discount, but tiny amounts of money add up, plus the environment wins big time!

Ian Schindler