5 Secrets Your Supermarkets Do Not Tell You

Be prepared the next time you walk inside your supermarket. Armed with the information below, you can buy more for less, stretch your dollar further, and feed your family in the healthiest and most cost effective way.

  1. Unsold fruits and vegetables are recycled.

Those cut up fruit and vegetables that you see on offer? This is the supermarket’s way of recycling produce that did not sell in time. Others also add them to prepared foods.

  1. The 10-for-$10 promo is a winner.

For the supermarket, not exactly for you. Everytime stores run this promo, products take off regardless if the price increased or not. It does not matter if a family only needs five cans of tuna, 10 will be purchased because nobody wants to miss out on a sale, right?

  1. Store circulars are not a haven for deals.

Sure, there will be items that are on sale, but not everything will be. In fact, there is a whole lot of products printed on the circular that are full price! Be very careful what you buy from them, especially if you are a self-proclaimed sucker for deals.

  1. You buy more when the shop is crowded.

According to studies, customers tend to buy more when the supermarket is packed. Isn’t that interesting? One would think people would buy less because they want to be out of there but the crowd subconsciously triggers the need to belong so people stay longer and spend more. If you want to save money, shop on Mondays and Tuesdays and avoid going on weekend.

  1. Large cuts are cheaper.

Almost always, it is cheaper to buy a large cut of meat and have the butcher trim it for you: get a chuck roast cut into stew cubes, a whole boneless strip loin into strip steaks, or flank steak into stir-fry strips. You can even buy a big roast and have it cut into different things. This saves you 30% compared to buying everything already cut. You also get more food to bring home to your family. Big win on all sides for you.