5 Simple Ways to Lower Your Food Costs During the Pandemic

The year is almost over and the pandemic is still firmly in place. With it are the financial challenges that make everyday life more difficult that it already is. How are you surviving? If you are having problems with food and grocery shopping, follow the tips below to cut your costs and have more food on your table for less.

1. Compare prices and checkout several stores.
How much is your favorite brand of cereal? Are there any cheaper alternatives? Comparing prices is an easy way to shave a few cents off your usual purchases. You can also check other stores and scout the one with the lowest average prices in your area. It may not be the one nearest you but it can be worth the extra drive if the prices are significantly lower.

2. Go shopping on sales.
Sales come in cycle and there is always one happening in every store. Be on the lookout for your essentials on sale. It is a good idea to stock up when the prices are low, especially on non-perishables and freezer items.

3. Keep a well-stocked kitchen.
Running out of staple items means buying them at whatever price available on the spur. Why buy overpriced when you can always time your purchases to get everything cheaper? Check on your cabinet frequently so you can time your purchases with the sale cycles.

4. Shop less.
By being more mindful of what you add to your cart, you can reduce the number of trips you make to the grocery store. Going in once a week or twice a month will minimize your spending dramatically, not only on food but also gas.

5. Pay in cash.
Paying in cash makes it hard to part with your money. You see just how much goes out of your wallet. It is a different experience when you use your credit card. Also, if you do not pay your balance in full each month, everything you bought from the grocery store will come with interest. That is the last thing you want to pay for during this time of crisis.

Ian Schindler