5 Things to Never Buy at the Dollar Store

5 Things to Never Buy at the Dollar Store

Everyone knows the importance of saving money and there is no place like the dollar store around the block to help you do that. But while you can find a lot of treasures there, as well as incredible bargains on things that are basically the same as their branded counterparts, there are some things that are worth shelling out a bit more money for. Next time you are at the dollar store, be sure to skip the items below.

1. Knives.

Even if you are no professional cook, you will immediately notice the difference between a cheap and a more expensive knife. Cheap ones are blunt, quickly get even duller and even their grip is less ergonomic and breaks easily. Put in a few more bucks and get yourself a knife for life instead.

2. Batteries.

At first glance, it can seem as if batteries are the same everywhere. Well, wrong. Because even if you get the same battery at a dollar store as from a more expensive retailer, the reason why they are cheaper at the dollar store is that they are old. They are more likely to leak and be a hazard to your health as well as any devices you put them into.

3. Tools.

This is a quick one because the reasoning is the same as for knives: Invest in quality and you will have a tool for life. Get cheap runoff and constantly replace it, or even injure yourself when it breaks.

4. Plastic kitchenware.

Sure, the plastic stuff does not break as easily, but did you know how easily microplastic gets mixed into everything? If you drink your tea out of a plastic cup, eat your soup out of a plastic bowl with a plastic spoon, or just use a plastic fork for your hot pasta, you are flooding your system with microplastic every time. Just one set of non-plastic kitchenware can do wonders for your health.

5. Power strips.

There are tons of cheap power strip options out there, but they are cheap for a reason. Their wires are thinner, meaning they will collapse much easier under higher power loads. They are also more shoddily constructed, so you are playing with a fire hazard every time you plug one in.

Ian Schindler