5 Things You Need to Recycle Today

Good on you if you recycle plastics, glass, or paper – your efforts sure make a big difference for the environment. But did you know you can recycle many other things to boost your eco-friendly efforts? Below are five extra things that you probably did not know are recyclable.

1. Gift cards
It is likely you already have several unused gift cards just lying in a drawer somewhere, and you can expect to add more to this sad collection over the holidays.Why not trade them? Cardpool will take your unused gift cards and send you a check for them.

Do you have other unused or expired cards? Gift cards, gas cards, grocery store savings cards, student ID cards, and driver’s licenses all are made from PVC, a recyclable plastic. You can recycle all of these or send them to Earthworks Systems, one company that will find a use for them.

2. Tennis balls
Did you know that over 300 million tennis balls are manufactured every year? Each is made with rubber that is not biodegradable. This amounts to 20,000 metric tons of rubber waste a year.

If you play tennis, you probably have several boxes of old balls around, as well as other people in your tennis club. Send them all to a small company called Rebounces.They renew old tennis balls and will pay for your shipping.

3. Wine corks
There is no shortage of ideas on Pinterest on how to recycle wine corks. If you are not the DIY type, you can sell your corks on eBay to craft makers, manufacturers, and other businesses that use old corks. Another alternative is Yemm & Hart Green Materials. They recycle pure corks and pays for them.

4. Trash
Do you produce a lot of trash in your school or small business? TerraCycle will pay for your trash. They will donate money to your cause for every piece of trash you send the organization.

5. Human hair
Yes, you read that right. Hair is being bought. Rates for unbleached natural hair can range from $200 to well over $1,500 depending on the shade, length, and condition. Who buys this stuff? Hair extension companies, wig makers, and even heirloom weavers. Check them out online. Alternatively, you can also donate your hair to Locks for Love who makes wigs for children who have lost their hair due to illness.

Ian Schindler