5 Tips to Help You Save for Retirement

Saving for retirement is a major challenge for many people, as evidenced by the low retirement preparedness levels across the country. Differentiate yourself and take care of your future starting today. Follow the simple tips below to help you build your retirement savings.

1. Pay yourself first.
Everyone knows it is critical to save for retirement. But knowing is not the same as doing. In fact, the gap is big. Make sure you pay yourself first every month by automating your savings. Participating in a retirement plan at work is a good start. Set your contribution and let it automatically happen every month.

2. Settle your debts now.
Keeping excessive debt can derail your retirement plans. If you are currently struggling with a high balance, prioritize the implementation of debt reduction plan. Also, start paying off your credit card balances in full at the end of every month. Do not ignore your debt and attend to it immediately. The sooner you are able to settle it, the faster you can focus on saving up for your retirement.

3. Check your money habits.
Now is the time to double down on your good habits and eliminate the bad ones. If you have paid off your debt or a loan, put the extra money into something useful. Invest it or save it, just do not use it for a lifestyle upgrade. This will only hurt your ability to prepare for your future.

4. Learn how to cook.
How does cooking affect your retirement? Learning how to make simple food at home will lower your grocery expenses and reduce your dining out expenses. You can add the money that you free up to your retirement savings. The food you make does not have to gourmet. In fact, simple food is the best food!

5. Set up automatic bill pay.
Much like automating your savings, you can also automate your bill payments to ensure you are not missing out on any expense once it is due. Late payment fees are sure unnecessary and you can certainly do away with the possible hit on your credit score. Cultivating the right money habits today will make a positive impact on your retirement savings for sure.

Ian Schindler