6 Clever and Cheap DIYs for Your Home

6 Clever and Cheap DIYs for Your Home

There are so many ways to cut your monthly household budget. All it takes is some attention and creativity and you will have more than you need for less around the house. Check out the six hacks below and shorten your shopping lists while improving your daily life.

1. DIY car air freshener using candle wax.

Keep your car clean and smelling nice with plain candle wax. Just place the wax inside a mason jar, punch some holes on the lid, and close. Every time the temperature in your car rises, the wax will melt, filling your car with a lovely fragrance.

2. Easy hot glue frame bumpers.

Protect your wall paint and keep your frames in place by dotting hot glue at the back corners of the frame. This ensures there will be no scratches or nicks on your wall.

3. Create anti-slip hangers with pipe cleaners.

Plastic hangers can be really cheap, but you want quality ones that have an anti-slip function. An easy hack is to wrap pipe cleaners around the clothes hanger. This adds grip and stops clothes from slipping off.

4. Transform clothes hanger into a drain cleaner.

Do you live with people with long hair? You will agree that hair clogs the drains faster than you expected. Clean it fast with a wire coat hanger. Untwist the wire under the hook and create a miniature auger at the other end. Push the auger end down the drain up to the clog. Bend the free end 90 degrees to form a handle. Crank the handle and lift out the clog.

5. Dust bunny-proof your broom.

The bristles of your broom always collect dust and hair, making it harder to clean. A quick solution is to hot glue a wide-tooth comb to the top of a dustpan. Just run the bristles through the comb to remove any excess dust or hair dangling from the broom.

6. Homemade heating pad with uncooked rice.

Stop your daily aches and pains with a homemade heating pad. Just fill a sock with uncooked rice, tie the end, and microwave for three minutes. You have a soothing heating pad that conforms to whatever body part that needs some care.

Ian Schindler