6 Money Mistakes You Often Make at Warehouse Stores

Wholesale clubs like Costco, Sam’s Club, or BJ’s often have great deals but there are sill situations where you are wasting more money instead of collecting savings. Following are instances where you might be overspending in these warehouse stores unknowingly.

  1. Assuming you need a membership

There is a lot you can buy at a wholesale club without a membership, especially when you shop online or have a family or friend who can share their membership to the store. In some cases, you can save more money overall by paying the non-member surcharge compared to the annual membership fee.

  1. Not splitting bulk purchases

Bulk buying only saves you money when you are able to consume everything. Anything you throw away is wasted money. If there is a sale and you are buying a package that is too large for your household, split it with friends or neighbors. You get more items on the cheap.

  1. Ignoring your household size

As mentioned, bulk goods are only justified when many people use it. This is very helpful when you have kids at home or your parents are living with you. However, if it is just you and your partner, you may be overspending in this area.

  1. Forgetting your space limits

You might be pleased with yourself with the insane amount of toilet paper you purchased for next to nothing but did you ever stop to wonder where you are going to store these extra rolls? Larger bulk items are not worth buying when you do not have enough storage at home.

  1. Skipping the samples

Test the products. The samples exist so you can try something before buying it. It is a lot better than making purchases blindly.

  1. Holding on to something you do not need

Everyone purchases something only to realize a little later that it is not needed. Before you throw it away or store it deeply in your basement, check the return policy of the store. You can return most things within a particular window. It is good for your wallet and also in keeping your house clutter-free.