6 Retailer Traps That Get You Spending More Money

Even the savviest shoppers fall for the cleverest sales tactics that retailers have laid out. Despite your list and focus, sometimes you are persuaded to dig deeper into your wallet. Following are the most popular tricks that stores use to get you spending more money with every visit.

  1. BOGO deals

The more you buy, the more profit retailers will make. Such is the brilliance of BOGO deals or buy one, get one free sales. Only go for the freebie if you are already planning to purchase the second item. But if you use the BOGO ad to justify the extra item, then the marketers have won.

  1. Multiple-purchase pricing

How many times ahave you fallen for the 10-for-$10 promotion? Of course, it sounds really cool. The sale item is only a dollar each and you get the 11th item free. Sometimes this can really save you money but if you load up on 11 items and only need one then it is a waste of money.

  1. Free-shipping offers

Online retailers get more business by offering free-shipping deals. The minimum purchase is the catch. To get free shipping, you must spend $30, $50, $100 or more.

  1. Coupons

There is a place in the world for coupons if you know how to use them right. Do not assume that you are always getting a deal with a coupon. Sometimes you are not. Also, never avail a coupon for items you would never purchase at full price or even at sale price.

  1. Bundled purchases

If you need every single thing offered on a bundle, then it is a cheap option than buying products separately. However, if you only need one and end up paying for the entier bundle, then you spent for no good reason.

  1. Sales events

When a store announces sales events with ““as much as 70% off” do not put your hopes up. Moreover, do not be surprised if you discover that everything except for one lonely rack is only 20% off or even less! It is a popular trick they use to get people inside their stores and spending more.